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RCC Core Cutting Service

RCC Core Cutting

The core cutting machine is used to cut / drill cores of various diameters of concrete or bituminous pavement. RCC Cutting is specified to cut precise dimensional door, vent and window opening. The scope of applications for coring machines include concrete walls, floors, main piles, ceiling openings,Columns and beams Strengthening Service, asphalt and metal places. Core drilling is commonly used to create holes for routing cables or placing anchoring bolts; installing load carrying devices, dowel bars; or for analysis of structures, rock or strata. Coring can also be done under water or on ceilings.

Typical areas of use include new apartment buildings, Columns and beams Strengthening Service, interior renovations, industrial projects, bridge retrofits,hydroelectric and infrastructure projects. Openings can be cut through concrete,precast concrete, brick,cinderblock and other structural material. It is deal for creating precise opening in occupied buildings or sensitive work environment like schools, hospital etc.